Call Today, Risk-Free

The first step is easy and risk-free: Simply call our Director of Acquisitions, Craig Kirsch to discuss your situation and business. Craig has worked with closely held businesses for 20 years and is ready to share his experiences and our company’s philosophies with you.

  • Non Disclosure Agreement-NDA. If you express an interest in working with Rex-Hide, the first thing we do is sign an NDA. Feel free to use our NDA or send us your own. (You should never discuss proprietary information with anyone without one.)
  • Evaluation. We next begin to gather historical financial operations from you. We focus more on the historical financial results than projections for three main reasons:
    • We can tell a lot about the business and an industry through historical data.
    • While we are interested in the growth potential, we are not smart enough to predict the future. As such, we rely heavily on the historical operations.
    • Once you join the Rex-Hide team, you will continue to participate in future growth and profits.
  • Discussion. In addition, we talk directly to the owner. Through a casual conversation related to your business and your general philosophies, we begin getting to know you and your business. You also get to know and evaluate us. Through an analysis of financial results and general discussions with the owner, we have a very good understanding of our level of interest.
  • Response. Once these preliminary steps are complete, we will advise you of a “go/no-go” decision within 48 hours. We will not make an offer within 48 hours, but we can determine our level of interest and a purchase price range. The range will be meaningful and credible allowing you to evaluate the opportunity.
  • Go! If we all agree there is merit in more discussion, we will continue our discussions and plan a trip to meet. During this time, we will validate our initial assessment and provide a letter of intent.

Craig Kirsch
Director of Acquisitions
Rex-Hide inc.
PO Box 4726
Tyler, Tx 75712