Why Sell?

After years of hard work, your company is a success. Someday you plan on reaping the fruits of your labor, selling your business… but not yet.

But there are questions: How will I exit? Will I have a buyer when I am ready? How will this buyer treat my employees? What will be my legacy?

These are tough questions that only you can answer. You have always trusted your gut and your knowledge of the business to make difficult decisions but this one is different. It is emotional, not just financial; besides, you have a business to run…”I will get to it tomorrow”

“Although I contemplated selling my business,
it was the elephant in the room. Not only did I not want to talk about it,
I did not even know where to begin.”

The Rex-Hide Difference

We have talked to hundreds of business owners and a common question that we get is “If you want me to stay and you do not get involved in the day-to-day business, what value do I get if I sell my company to Rex-Hide”

Of course, we think we know the answer, but we have solicited real answers from business owners to develop this list:

  • Access Capital. Many companies have the ability to grow, but the owner may be reluctant to put additional capital at risk (especially at this stage in their career). Rex-Hide has the capital to help your company grow while minimizing your risk. The fact that you will continue to be compensated for future growth allows you to maintain upside on this future growth.
  • Liquidity to the Owner. Selling to Rex-Hide allows the owner to take some “risk off of the table” (put money in your pocket).
  • Streamline Financials. We provide administrative support including accounting services. Lessening these burdens allows owners to focus their energy on their core competencies: their core business. This has proven to be a big benefit to both the company and the owner.
  • Exit Strategy. You may not be ready to exit today (In fact, we do not want you to). But, timing is everything and perfect timing is nearly impossible.

We have found that when an owner is ready to exit a good buyer may not be available. As such, the owner is often forced to work longer than desired or to sell to a lucky buyer that happens to be in the right place at the right time. Rex-Hide gives owners the opportunity to sell now and still time your own exit. Read more about how you can remain autonomous and still reap the rewards of selling my business.