Get a “Go/No-Go” Decision in 48 Hours

Fast – We are ready to move fast! Our organization is flat and nimble, and we can give you a “go/no-go” response within 48 hours. We simply need to talk with the owner and review historical financial operations.

We invite you to contact us to explore whether our companies may be a match. We commit to you that our approach will be fast, confidential and strong.

Speed is important. We understand you have a business to run and cannot afford to be distracted by a drawn-out evaluation process.

Safe – We take our promise of confidentiality seriously. Only two people (Craig Kirsch, Director of Acquisitions and Brad Hoeffner, President) will be engaged from our side in the initial analysis. As the process moves forward, additional employees may be involved in the process on a “need-to-know” basis, with advance notice to you.

Your employees and customers are safe. We communicate with you in a confidential manner, following ground rules established with you at the outset. We will never contact your employees, vendors or customers without your consent.

Our success depends on our ability to gain your trust; confidentiality is crucial to this building this trust.

Strong – We are financially strong. We have not had a penny of debt throughout our history, which allows us to be cash buyers with no financial contingencies or seller financing. This financial strength enables speed and confidentiality. As you know, once outside financing is involved, the ability to keep the process low-key and confidential is lost. This is one worry that you can cross off your list.

Read about next steps when you contact Rex-Hide.