Sell Your Company, Remain the Boss

Our approach provides owners with an opportunity to sell their company and remain the boss. After all of these years of hard work, you do not want to “go to work” for somebody else.

Our partner companies operate autonomously. You and your team know your business best. We will never understand the business as well as you do and any buyer who thinks they will is foolish. To put it another way, if you have a “300 hitter” in your line up, why would you change his swing?

We also encourage owners to stay with the team for as long as they want and we structure the deal to ensure that they continue to be rewarded for future growth and success. As one of our entrepreneurs has described our approach “It’s like eating your cake and having it too!”

In our 100 years of business, we have sold only one company! Unlike traditional buyers that acquire companies, make wholesale changes, then flip the acquired company quickly, we look for companies to buy that we can hold for the next 100 years.

We think all of the Presidents of our partner companies would agree. When the time is right, you can talk to any of them directly…let them share their experience with you.

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